What We Have Achieved:

•    Annual funding provided to northern India girls’ school.
•    Assistance with providing a secular human rights program based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (30 listed rights and responsibilities) 
•    Provided support and educational programs to groups and individuals across South Asia
•    Coordinated and provided funding and on the ground support for many events, including two international summits in India and Sri Lanka. 
•    Helped establish and maintain partnered organizations while assisting with the direction and content of their programs. 

•   Built a grassroots funding program which allows these field programs to receive sustainable funding assistance on a regular funding program.
•   Ensuring that funding is being used as intended by the partnered organization with program reporting.
•    Following the 2015 Nepal earthquake, FHFI collaborated with a Nepalese team and raised thousands of dollars and sent this to rebuild schools. (see pictures)
•    Ongoing funding for this project (estimated as a 10 year project) is being requested.


Fear and submission are products of superstition and subjugation. Only good quality education can empower and provide hope. Fight Back!
— Founder of FHFI, Bruce Ferguson