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Reform Through Education is formed around the fact that through the use of education we can help provide answers to the most basic problems in the lives of today’s youth. And we have been doing that since 2010. 

Impacting thousands of people throughout the United States, four regions of India, more in Sri Lanka, Nepal and other countries in south Asia, we have helped bring an understanding of human rights, provided general education and improved educational standards providing a pathway to success for youth. 

In many challenging circumstances, at-risk youth are now achieving their potential because of our investment of time, money and on the ground work. 

2018 saw the launch of the program “Artists for Change” which adds the vital component of art and music as the vehicle and communication channel through which we can additionally reach and inspire even more youth around southern California and the United States. 

With one in five children in the US unsupervised after school and crime and drug rates surging from the hours of 3-7pm,  Reform Through Education is working hard to use education to change this.



  • Everyday, innocent lives are being stolen and victims are being sold into slavery. In fact, 2 children are sold into slavery every minute. Human trafficking is a $150 billion industry that has been growing at an alarming rate and requires immediate attention to curb this problem. Human trafficking has flourished because too few people realizes it exists and/or the extent of the problem. A lack of awareness feeds this problem and the amount of financial support available to end this problem is not sufficient to fund the organizations fighting to end human trafficking.


  • 21 million victims globally.

  • Human trafficking is a $150 billion industry.

  • 2 children are sold into slavery every minute.

  • The average age of girls forced into prostitution is between 12 and 14 years old.

  • 150,000 US children are lured or forced into prostitution every year.


  • Rock Against Trafficking: Create awareness of the human trafficking problem by leveraging the power of celebrity and music. Artists associated with Rock Against Trafficking (“RAT”) are creating global awareness and a more in depth understanding of the human trafficking problem. These artists and partnered celebrities include Slash of “Guns N’ Roses”, Santana, Sting of the Police, Pearce Brosnan, Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 and others. RAT utilizes their resources to produce music, events, and other entertainment products that engage and educate viewers while concurrently generating funds for the organizations most in need of financial support to end human trafficking. Our first project is a compilation album titled “Set Them Free!” and features the following artists:

Slash, Santana, En Vogue, Rob Thomas, Heart, Journey,  Dilana, Keb Mo,  Glenn Hughes, Ellis Hall, Beth Hart, Andy Fraser

This album features legendary artists covering classic songs from Sting and the Police. The purpose of the album is to raise awareness and acquire funds to be used to end human trafficking. The release of the album will occur in 2018. The distribution channels for the album includes 60 million social media links, 800 million rock fans on Facebook, 1,000 human trafficking affiliates, and a coalition of advisors and PR firms.


  • Artists for Change Educate Youth: Allow children the freedom of expression in learning and advocating human rights. Children express a human right through an artistic work of their choice. Reform Through Education publicizes their work and rewards winning artwork with prizes. Children become active participants in not only learning but also spreading the word on human rights thus taking responsibility for the planet as a whole.


  • Rock Against Trafficking plans to release another album entitled “Hollywood Against Trafficking” featuring the Songs of Dylan in addition to a Latin Album, Country Album, Hip Hop Album, and a Legends Album. These future albums will all be focused on bringing awareness to human trafficking and raising funds to fight this problem.

  • Create a worldwide movement with artists, providing them with a platform to point the spotlight on human rights abuses. Through the power of art and effectively communicated campaigns, bring awareness to the masses, as well as political and other leaders, on human rights abuses all while educating people on their basic human rights.


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