Our most recent goals:

FHFI is funding an expanding affiliation with Road to Rights in Sri Lanka, with base funding for administration costs and well as raising some funds for a new recording studio being built to provide a new generation of Sri Lankans with a means of expression and for some, finding their voice!

We are determined to increase the number of girls being sponsored monthly to our original target of 1,300. This will be accomplished through a variety of measures being implemented. We need your assistance to meet this vital target.

We are getting materials that were raised for an orphanage in southern India, where the floods have been impacting millions, delivered to the orphanages that can use them.

We are continuing our support of the Nepal Rebuild Rural Schools program.

We continue to work to raise support for Rock Against Trafficking. Possibly one of the biggest potential areas of impact we are involved in. Finally, we are building the platform for the Power of Ten Human Rights Project, which drives forward a worldwide initiative to KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!

Fear and submission are products of superstition and subjugation. Only good quality education can empower and provide hope. Fight Back!
— Founder of FHFI, Bruce Ferguson