“After my school I got a job in Pardada Pardadi as a medical assistant where I vaccinate children and got training from local doctors. Now I am being trained to be a nurse at Kailash Institute. And this has been possible thanks to Pardada Pardadi.” - Neetu Tomar


“My husband beat me after we got married. First he picked up a belt and beat me. After that he picked up a stick and kept beating me until I was unconscious. He didn’t leave us. The children and I left him because he tried to kill us several times. We couldn’t live that kind of life. I have four children, four daughters. I want them to become something in their lives. That’s why I’ve sent them to school. My eldest daughter is in the 8th grade her name is Varsha. My next oldest is Ritu. She’s in the 4th grade. My third daughter is named Priya. She’s in the 3rd grade. My youngest is named Nisha. She’s in the 2nd grade. Girls should be educated to stand up for themselves. Otherwise she’ll wonder, Why am I being treated this way? If I was educated, this wouldn’t be happening to me.” - Rama, mother of 3 Pardada Pardadi students.

“Indian girls only leave the home two times in their lives. Once when they marry and once when they die.” - Proverb