• There is a glaring lack of knowledge regarding what human rights are. Most people, irrespective of educational level, do not know their human rights. One cannot advocate for rights they do not know exist. This lack of knowledge of one's Human Rights makes it easier for Human Rights abuses to occur, often because the victim is unaware of their right being infringed upon. The Be a Change Campaign is focused on teaching everyone about their human rights.  Be a Change uses human rights videos and illustrations to teach citizens their rights and gives them tools to promulgate the information to others.   With many campaigns and projects around the world, this information is being spread far and wide.  We put the "The Right to Responsibility" into action by encouraging others to take action and teach others their rights. Utilizing a grassroots strategy where educated participants are encouraged to share this knowledge with others spreads Human Rights awareness to an exponentially greater target audience. The Be A Change Campaign will decrease the number of human rights abuses that occur in the future by increasing awareness and knowledge of Human Rights.  A more informed and educated society will also constitute the foundation for a better world. 
  • A current issue that is central to the Be A Change campaign is that most schools do not teach the youth about their human rights.  If you were to ask people graduating high school to name their human rights, most would not be able to even name two of them.  We are changing that paradigm. We have brought the human rights curriculum to children in 200 schools and are working to grow this number exponentially. All of these children are taught about their human rights, including their right of responsibility, and share their knowledge accordingly.  Using our human rights videos and images, the Be A Change campaign  brings these rights to life ensuring everyone, including those that are illiterate, will know their rights.  


  • The Be a Change Campaign currently has a human rights class taught in a school for a girls located in northern India (where there are flagrant rights abuses), funds numerous educational events such as two international summits held in India and Sri Lanka, provides partner organizations with human rights educational materials and has brought the human rights curriculum to children in 200 schools.  We are working hard to expand this movement.  We will be implementing the knowledge in an increasing number of schools while spreading the materials to youth and adults around the world, thus greatly uplifting society. 


  • The end goal of the Be A Change Campaign is a world where everyone knows their human rights. To achieve this goal, education is paramount beginning with introducing human rights classes in schools to increase awareness of and knowledge in this important subject matter. We have partnered with Youth for Human Rights to offer instructional videos for people to learn their human rights online and have thousands of volunteers who apply a grassroots approach to teach people about their human rights in areas stricken with poverty via posters and printed materials.