FHFI, started in 2010, has grown to encompass a worldwide, diverse group of volunteers, funders and projects. These span from our sponsorship of anorthern Indian girls school, to rebuilding schools in rural Nepal after the 2015 earthquake, to helping raise foundation income for the most exciting program to take on the ugliest criminal activity: trafficking; the buying and selling, using and abusing women, children and men, in brothels, labor camps, even under forced detainment in private houses in almost every country around the world.

Our Mission

To locate worthwhile projects and contact, engage, develop and assist these with resources, financial to material, to volunteers, to planning and delivery help.

To develop and spread an understanding of human rights and responsibilities around the world using technology and other resources which support our 4 KEY principles of strength:





Fear and submission are products of superstition and subjugation. Only good quality education can empower and provide hope. Fight Back!
— Founder of FHFI, Bruce Ferguson