Important Updates from FHFI!


Reform Through Education was originally founded and registered as the Ferguson Humanitarian Foundation International Inc. ("FHFI") in 2010. With your help we have expanded across multiple countries and uplifted many diverse groups of people including re-building Nepal after the Earthquake, educating children in poverty stricken areas where no education is available, providing human rights education to thousands of adults and children across the world and ensuring basic human rights.

FHFI has recently taken the next step in growth and evolved beyond its initial singular focus on human rights to also spearheading reform in society through education. We are gaining additional global recognition and want our name to communicate the full scope of what we do, to all audiences. Consequently, we are updating our brand to reflect this focus. We are evolving from FHFI to Reform Through Education and the website is now listed as The site will now redirect to the new url. Don’t be surprised. This is change for the good!

From FHFI's inception we saw the need to EDUCATE to uplift society. We saw that without education, crime, violence, illiteracy and human rights abuses run rampant. Our success has been based around education from the beginning. We know that education is what fuels the growth of a society and allows people to reach their potential. This education includes general education as well as education on human rights themselves.

We are still the same organization and running our primary initiatives but are now doing it with a much more clear and refined purpose from which to build a solid foundation for the future. We are currently working on funding several key projects including the building of a new building of the school in rural northern India thus allowing an additional 3500 girls to attend school through age 18 (most children there get married a much younger age), learn their human rights, receive basic medical care and achieve success. This school has already transformed the lives of thousands of girls and is currently at capacity with 1500 girls enrolled. With the new building the school will be able to educate 5,000 girls at a time.

We have several teams operating in 14 other countries implementing human rights classes and seminars in schools. We will be rolling out our human rights education campaign to cover 1000 schools on an immediate basis.

There are many ways that you can help with these campaigns - and your help is needed.

Please go onto our Facebook page where you will be able to connect with Reform Through Education and help out, whether it be with volunteer work, donating items to the school in need or donating monetarily to forward our crucial projects.

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