Meet our Founder

Bruce Ferguson, Founder and Executive Director of Ferguson Humanitarian Foundation International, Inc. (more commonly known as FHFI).

Bruce was born, in San Francisco, high on a hill, in mid summer of 1953 and shortly thereafter moved to India with his mother in 1957 at the age of 4½. He and his mother lived in India for the following 10 years. Bruce’s mother taught at a Christian boarding school, Woodstock School, high in the Himalayas, still ranked as one of the best preparatory schools in the world.

Bruce went to school in possibly the most beautiful spot in the world, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India. At 6,000 feet the hill station has an incredible panorama of natural life cycling through every season. Bruce learned some local languages, but even more gained an appreciation of the depth of culture found in all over India, in which he and his mother immersed themselves every winter break period.

After graduating and 2 years at University of Arizona, Bruce worked in various organizations from health care to sales and non-profit. He is now employed in the payments industry, and is an 18 year veteran at the company he has helped expand.

Bruce and Human Rights:

Human Rights?

This subject has finally been identified and with Eleanor Roosevelt’s brilliant coordination, the 1948 United Nations document the Universal Declaration of Human Rights provides 30 individually well thought out and tested definitions with which we have defined what are human rights. Are they In or Out? Available or Unavailable?

Now, with rapid and adequate education in these human rights, we may be able to head off the chaos that is being pushed on this planet and rapidly return to a more prosperous and productive society, one where cultural differences are appreciated and respected by all, rather than differences used to divide. Indigenous peoples' differences and rights of ownership respected, and not overridden by capital-driven greed.

One can only divide a piece of bread so many times until all you have left is crumbs. And thus it is with human societies. Just as many different ingredients go into making a tasty loaf of bread, so it is that many different points of view, freedom to communicate those, and freedom to learn from others can create a thriving society. If all of one ingredient in a loaf of bread were to be crushed and thrown away, there soon would be no way to make another loaf of bread and the group would starve from its own actions.

Bruce has volunteered from 2005 to 2014 with Youth for Human Rights International as South Asia Director. For more information on Youth for Human Rights International see the Friends section of this website.

Bruce received an honorary Doctor of Letters for his work and dedication for Human Rights, from the International Tamil University, USA, an international correspondent University in Maryland, USA, connected with the prestigious Madurai-Kamaraj University in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India, among others.

In 2009 Bruce started planning a launch of his own non-profit organization designed after other successful organizations which collect funds for field organizations on the ground which often do not have access to resources they need to sustain their missions.

In 2010, this idea was planted and registered, and FHFI, Inc. came into being. On October 10, 2010 Ferguson Humanitarian Foundation International Inc. (FHFI) was opened for business and we began establishing our web presence and developing and promoting our Foundation.

In late 2010 we applied for our 501c3 non-profit charitable organization status and received our acceptance letter on May 23, 2011. In February 2011, Bruce was in India and Bangladesh on his volunteer Human Rights educational activities and was invited by a friend to tour a very unique school for girls in rural northern India. This experience touched Bruce deeply and he made a commitment, to the school, its Founder and their Executive Director, to help fund some of the expansion of the school to provide hope to even more children. See the school information and what you can do on the Pardada Pardadi section of this website.

As we expanded, we added staff. Many volunteers led by an outstanding Deputy Executive Director, Jinnie Rosales. Jinnie has taken over day to day functioning of the organization and coordinates its operations.

Christi Leonardi joined as a volunteer in November 2015 as the new Social Media and Marketing Director. After launching Twitter, cleaning up our FHFI Facebook page and adding Instagram, social media connections began to climb. Some even crossed over to begin sponsoring projects. In January 2016 Christi asked to join our team as a team member and rockets have been going off since then.

As we head through 2016, we are building the organization to support the increasing success of our projects and project funding.

History has its turning points. December 10, 1948 was one with the release of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However, it was released as advice and is now taught as a history lesson.

By joining us in the Power of Ten Humanitarian Project, a worldwide campaign to learn and help others to learn about Human Rights, you will tip the scales to help bring about this turning point.

Join us to help make this planet a better place. Share this with your friends. Just know – YOU, one person, CAN make a difference. And, so can the ten you contact and the ten each of them contact and so on. (See the Power of Ten Project.)

You can reach Bruce Ferguson at