“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

-Nelson Mandela

Who We Are

Reform Through Education was originally founded and registered as the Ferguson Humanitarian Foundation International Inc. ("FHFI") in 2010.  It is registered in the United States  as  501(C)(3) ORGANIZATION | EIN: 27-4646895.  

FHFI has since expanded its impact and evolved beyond its initial singular focus on human rights.  Not only are we taking positive action to implement human rights around the world, we are leading the way to reform society through education.  We want our name to communicate the full scope of what we do,  to all audiences globally.  Consequently, we are updating our brand to reflect this focus. We are evolving from FHFI to Reform Through Education and the website is now listed as www.ReformThruEducation.org. The FHFInow.org site will now redirect to the new url. Don’t be surprised. This is change for the good!


Reform Through Education is a global movement to make human rights a reality for everyone on the planet and reform and uplift society through education.  Our mission is to build a foundation for a better world. 

We are independent of any political ideology, religion, or economic interest. It has been proven that most human rights abuses are preventable and can be remedied through proper education, training, awareness and effective societal programs. 

Click here to see our registration with GuideStar.  https://www.guidestar.org/profile/27-4646895

What does Reform Through Education do?

Reform Through Education undertakes those projects deemed to have profound societal effects and assists people with the greatest need and/or helps those who suffer from some of the most severe human rights abuses. 

Reform Through Education functions as an active partner or leader on each endeavor by providing financial support, materials, volunteers and assisting with numerous aspect of the engagement.

We utilize education and awareness as vehicles to create significant societal change and help people realize, attain, and safeguard their human rights through education and training.


Meet the Founder

Bruce Ferguson founded Reform Through Education in 2010 and has made a significant international impact through a diverse array of projects that have included sponsoring a girls school in India, rebuilding schools in Nepal devastated by the 2015 earthquake, and leading a campaign against human  trafficking, in addition to numerous other initiatives.

Bruce was born in San Francisco and moved to India shortly thereafter at the age of 4. He lived in India,  with his mother for 10 years where she was a teacher at the Woodstock School, one of the best preparatory schools in the world located high in the Himalayas. 

Bruce went to school in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India. He learned local languages and gained an appreciation of the depth of culture found all over India. 

Bruce has traveled the world and has a burning desire to help others and improve conditions.  This is what drives him.   Those that know him will say he is one of the nicest men you will ever meet but has a fiery heart to help and cares about others immensely. 


In 2004, Bruce was concerned by many conditions around the world he wanted to change and so started working for Youth for Human Rights International as their Director of South Asia.  He received an honorary Doctor of Letters for his work and dedication to forwarding Human Rights from the International Tamil University, USA

By 2010, Bruce's work took on new meaning in the field of human rights with the launch of the Reform Through Education organization and it's impactful initiatives. 

"Fear and submission are products of superstition and subjugation. Only good quality education can empower and provide hope. Fight Back!"

Bruce Ferguson, Founder & Executive Director - Reform Through Education